Big, fat hypocrites back from summer break

We’re not usually in the habit of defending the Speaker’s staff because they’re fully capable of doing it themselves. And let’s face it, more often than not we’re fighting whatever cause our frenemy Steve Maviglio is promoting, but we couldn’t help but jump in today. Nothing brings us together like mutual disgust at Harvey Rosenfeld and Jamie Court’s hypocrisy.

In today’s Los Angeles Times Jamie Court attacked four aides to Speaker Perez for owning stock in energy companies. He singles out Steve for previously owning stock in Linn Energy despite the fact that Steve has been completely transparent and disclosed his holdings. In fact, the only reason Jamie and friends know what stock the Speaker’s aides hold is because they disclosed.

It’s pretty rich for Jamie Court to criticize anyone based on information gained from transparency since Consumer Watchdog has never disclosed their donors despite repeated calls for them to do so. In 2008 alone Harvey made at least half a million dollars, funding his cushy $1.7 million Marina Del Rey digs. Where did that money come from? We know Consumer Watchdog has taken millions via intervener fees but we don’t know how else they’re funding their lifestyles of the rich and (sort of, I guess) famous.

Consumer Watchdog could easily clear this up by following their own advice and opening their books. But they won’t. Because the special interests, not the consumers, are likely paying for the whole thing.

PS. Just saying, Harvey Rosenfeld once owned Enron stock.


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