Consumer Watchdog Doing Its Part to Raise Healthcare Costs

Last week Harvey Rosenfield and friends launched yet another initiative to line their gold-plated pockets. Apparently they aren’t content making millions of dollars intervening in insurance cases and reviewing insurance rates on the taxpayer dime at the behest of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.

Put simply, the initiative is a giveaway to the trial lawyers. You don’t have to look very hard at the list of supporters to see who stands to benefit from the initiative. Raise the cap, raise the trial lawyers’ compensation. And we all know Harvey doesn’t do anything unless it funds his lavish Santa Monica lifestyle.

The price of health care is already set to rise starting next year and this measure will only make it worse. Raising the cap will make healthcare more expensive, driving up costs. As Dan Morain succinctly put it on Sunday, “Health care costs aren’t going down.”

Consumer Watchdog’s already been in trouble this year for shady campaign practices. They used taxpayer-funded findings to promote their ballot initiative. After receiving nearly $100,000 from the Department of Insurance to monitor insurance rates they turned around and used the findings in a press release touting their initiative. We aren’t the only ones who noticed. The Sacramento Bee said, “Some federal taxpayers undoubtedly will be uneasy knowing their money is being used to help an advocacy group with one of its ballot campaigns.”

Also, as an aside… we hear the coalition had to move their press conference at the last minute because they failed to pull a CHP permit to use the Capitol steps. Pulling the proper permits for press conferences is Communications and Advance 101. They’re not hard to find- enter the Capitol at the north steps and the door to the CHP is to your immediate right. The permits are kept on the outside of that door.


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