Get Out Your Hip Waders

Put on your hip waders, Consumer Watchdog is once again spewing their unique brand of sewage.

Today they attacked outgoing Senator Michael Rubio for missing a hearing on fracking issues in California. Look, we don’t know why Rubio didn’t go to the hearing, and we don’t really care, but come on… had he attended the panel wouldn’t Judy Dugan be screaming that it was a conflict of interest since apparently he was in talks with Chevron?

In the same post, Dugan criticized Rubio for taking the lead on the effort to modernize CEQA. Since Gov. Brown supports this effort, should we expect Consumer Watchdog to mount an attack on Governor Brown along the same lines? The broad coalition supporting CEQA reform is working on a sensible compromise that will bring the law in to the 21st century while protecting California’s natural resources. But then again what does Dugan, Harvey et al really know about job creation other than bilking real job creators for money?

It’s awfully rich for Consumer Watchdog to attack anyone on transparency, accountability or for having close relationships with regulators and legislators. As we like to remind everyone, this is the same group who has a sweetheart relationship with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and as California Watch ably reported last fall, “Since 2011, under Commissioner Jones, Consumer Watchdog has gotten what it requested in every case except two…”

We’re dispatching the Wambulance to Santa Monica for Dugan and crew. Code three.


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