Notes On a Scorecard

A few notes on a scorecard after yesterday’s debate between Dan Lungren and Ami Bera.

Bera confirmed again that he is a candidate who runs on vapor.  Generally void of substance.  Sing song talking points.  Tired old platitudes.  There’s no there, there.  The only reason he’s in the ring is his vast network of friends and family donors from around the country.

Aside from repeatedly saying we all need to “roll up our sleeves” before launching into such Captain Obvious brilliance as, “life’s gotten hard for folks,” Bera apparently has been told by handlers to remind people he’s a doctor.  He began almost every sentence with “as a doctor.”

Well then. Since he wants to make a big deal about being a doctor, that seems to beg the obvious question, does Ami Bera make his living as a doctor?  The answer is no.

If Ami Bera were an honest man, he’d tell voters his principle occupation is “landlord.”

According to Bera’s 2012 candidate financial disclosure statements, he sits atop a real estate empire valued at $2.3 to $5.8 million.[1]

Gee, no wonder he has the “courage” to forgo his pension.  He’s a One Percenter.

Included in Bera’s real estate empire are three homes he bought in Sacramento County out of foreclosure.  So in other words, while some Sacramentans were losing their homes to foreclosure it was the good fortune of landlord Bera who picked up these properties at bargain prices.  Certainly nothing wrong with that… but let’s just be clear how this guy really makes a living. It’s worth noting he hasn’t received a salary from UC Davis since 2007.[2]

Of course the most curious part of Bera’s Real Estate Empire is the Colonial Motel in Downey, CA.

Three years ago after it was revealed that a registered sex offender lived at this motel owned by Bera, “Landlord Bera” moved quickly to claim he “sold” the property and didn’t own it any longer

In reality, he “sold” it to his brother for $750,000 but is carrying the loan.  In other words, he merely transferred title to his brother.  It’s a “lender take back” loan (making it easy for him to reclaim the property someday) and he still makes money off the Colonial Motel.[3]  In fact, he reported between $15k and $50k in income last year from owning that note.[4] And, the registered street address for Bera’s company, “Mango Management,” is the same as that for the Colonial Motel.[5]

So the questions the press never has followed up on to Bera should be, “why’d you simply transfer title to your brother when in reality you still essentially own the motel?  What are you trying to hide?  Is this an admission you shouldn’t have let a sex offender live in your motel?”

Why is this important?  It’s important because it reveals Bera’s character.  It’s evidence he’s not willing to take responsibility for his actions, but instead will just try to cover them up.

Want more evidence of his poor character?  Bera supported the High Speed Rail project two years ago, but now in the face of unpopular polling, he says he’s opposed.  Is this really the time to send spineless flip floppers in Washington?

Bera claims the Citizen United decision “corrupts our democracy” but hasn’t condemned the Super PACs funded by left wing organizations including the Sierra Club, AFSCME and SEIU spending over a million dollars on ads discredited by the Sacramento Bee attacking Lungren.

Ami Bera is a multi-millionaire landlord who desperately wants to be somebody.  That’s so true he even tells people he’s something he’s not. That’s right, Bera claims to be the “Dean of Admissions” at the UC Davis School of Medicine in campaign literature when in reality, and according to his own website, he was the Associate Dean. Big difference.  He’s either fraudulently padding his resume or he’s too reckless to take responsibility for a misleading error.

Bera’s never served on a parks board.  Never ran for school board.  He wants to jump right to the big job, even if he’s over his head.  He’s the wrong kind of person to send to Washington.

[1] Amerish (Ami) Bera Personal Financial Disclosure, Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, filed May 24, 2012

[2] Sacramento Bee State Worker Salary Search, 25 Sep. 2012 <>

[4] Amerish (Ami) Bera Personal Financial Disclosure, Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, filed May 24, 2012

[5] Mango Management Statement of Information, California Secretary of State


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