Hey Harvey– Time to Call the Waa-mbulance!

This morning Consumer Watchdog sent a whiny press release calling the Secretary of State to make a major change to the way ballot measures qualify because they didn’t get the ballot they want. Reminds me of this Bruce Willis gem:

So let’s get this straight.

Consumer Watchdog was treated fairly by a government agency (for all Debra Bowen’s faults, she seems to run a pretty tight and fair elections department even if her website fails far too frequently), got an outcome they don’t like and therefore called for a rule change. Lowering the random sample threshold would make the initiative process vulnerable to fraud and weaken critical protections in the process.

Maybe this is what happens when you’re used to getting what you want from government. It’s clear Harvey and his friends are far too used to sweetheart deals and to getting what they want without question. After all this is the same group who wrote a self-serving provision in to a ballot measure that nets them millions of dollars, often without competition.

And now, they’re trying to do it again. This time at the expense of hardworking Californians who are already saddled with high healthcare costs.

Don’t be fooled- Harvey’s latest initiative isn’t an altruistic attempt to save Californians money. It’s yet another attempt to extract millions of dollars from consumers to pad their cushy West LA lifestyle. Nice try guys.


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