Yeah, right

Recently, in a hysterical rant on Consumer Watchdog’s blog, Jamie Court claimed Harvey Rosenfeld “made less than $25,000 each year during the last ten years from intervener fees.” Yeah, right. We’re going to call BS on that.

Like we’ve said before, CW collected 100% of the intervener fees awarded by the Department of Insurance last year and has collected at least $7.5 million since Prop 103 passed. In fact, he created a nice monopoly on the intervener business that’s funding his $1.7 million Marina del Ray digs (Harvey, do you keep a wine locker at the Ritz?). In 2008 alone he made at least half a million dollars- we suggest there’s no way Consumer Watchdog paid Harvey that much without using money from intervener fees.   Of course, Court could clear all of this up and open his books to the public, but we already know these “consumer advocate” posers don’t really believe in transparency to taxpayers.

Consumer Watchdog pretends they’re on the side of the consumer but the $7.5 million they’ve collected over the years comes from a fee they get from insurance companies who are forced to pass those costs to the consumer, the very same people they pretend to represent.  They’ve clearly figured out a cozy, get rich scheme: use their political connections to profit and live the Marina del Rey lifestyle.

It’s clear by the tone of the blog that the light starting to shine on Harvey’s scheme touched a nerve. Good. We’ll continue to expose them for what they are: opportunistic trial lawyers profiting off a cozy system they created.


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