Screaming for Oversight

Wow. This week Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced he appointed a “public advisor” to assist “consumer groups with the intervener process.” What exactly will this public advisor do and more importantly, why? Has he finally realized that people are questioning his cozy relationship with Consumer Watchdog? It’s high time the insurance commissioner reaches out to members of the public. If they’re legitimately interested in lower insurance rates they shouldn’t just turn over millions of dollars to Consumer Watchdog.

We know that last year Harvey Rosenfeld and friends pocketed 100% of the intervener fees last year and collected $7.5 million since Prop 103 passed. Like we’ve pointed out before, Harvey and friends inserted a self-serving provision in to Prop. 103 to keep their lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous afloat at the expense of rate and taxpayers.

We also know Insurance Commissioner Jones seems pretty cozy with Harvey and friends. In fact, Dave Jones campaigned with Consumer Watchdog just a few months ago on a measure to increase their access to intervener fees.

And these fees are no small matter. Check out the report from the California Department of Insurance here.  Those are some pretty hefty profits.

This relationship and new position is once again screaming for legislative or journalistic oversight. In fact, last May Senator Juan Vargas called for more oversight after noticing Consumer Watchdog is the only group receiving intervener fee payouts. And yet, no one stepped up.  Who’s watching the watchdog?


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