Getting Cozy

Following up on the apparent cozy relationship between Harvey Rosenfield and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, we are hearing that there’s more going on between the two than just Jones’ granting Harvey a monopoly on intervener fees.

A couple sources have told us that Jones is making fundraising calls for Harvey’s insurance rate regulation initiative that he’s trying to qualify for the November ballot.

What could be Jones’ motivation for dialing for dollars for Harvey?  Several things come to mind. For starters, the initiative shifts power away from the governor to Jones’ office, so there’s good old-fashioned empire building.  And of course Jones is a liberal true believer when it comes to regulation. But one can’t help but wonder if Jones has been promised the opportunity to appear in ads this November, paid for by Harvey’s initiative committee.

Again, this relationship (or is it a partnership?) between Jones and Harvey is screaming for legislative oversight let alone some journalistic oversight.


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