Who benefits?

Last week week Jon Healy of the Los Angeles Times defended Consumer Watchdog’s shady ways. What he didn’t tell you is that his former colleague and boss Judy Dugan now works for Harvey and friends at Consumer Watchdog where she benefits from their self-serving hypocrisy.

Jon Healy mentions Harvey’s self-serving provision he wrote in to Prop 103, saying:

“Over the last decade, Consumer Watchdog has intervened in numerous proposed rate increases, prevailing in many of them. Jamie Court, the group’s president, said those activities have generated about $2.5 million for the group over the last decade…”

What he doesn’t mention is that according to the Department of Insurance website only Consumer Watchdog is getting intervenor fees during the last four years (2008-2011). The total during this period? $4.85 million. And don’t be fooled by their rhetoric– they aren’t doing this on behalf of the consumer. Consumer Watchdog has no actual consumer members. Who’s benefiting? Harvey Rosenfeld who made nearly half a million dollars in 2008.


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