Pigs at the trough. Oink!

At the risk of understatement, Harvey Rosenfield, Jamie Court and the haughty crew at the “Consumer Watchdog” are not only some of California’s most corpulent hypocrites but frankly, they are scam artists.

Much as been written and reported over the years about Harvey and his crew’s hypocrisy and scams.  Our friend Steve Maviglio even launched the excellent http://www.ConsumerWatchdogWatch.com/ to document their follies.

In fact, there’s so much to expose about these bad actors—past and present—we’ll be devoting some time reminding and educating the public about why Harvey and crew aren’t White Knights but rather self-enriching pigs at the trough, exploiting laws to gorge themselves ratepayer dollars.

For today’s installment, we reach back into the past to remind Californians about Harvey’s spectacular hypocrisy.

In the early 2000’s, Harvey’s Consumer Education Foundation was day trading energy stocks in the midst of California’s energy crisis.

While Harvey was criticizing energy companies, CEF was raking in cash.

  • Harvey Rosenfield does not mince words when it comes to attacking the power companies that have profited handsomely under California’s energy deregulation law.

    In various interviews, the consumer activist has derided the firms as “pirates and bullies” and even “crooks” using “blackouts to blackmail the state.

    Documents from 1999, the most recent year available, show that the nonprofit Consumer Education Foundation owns 150 shares of Enron as part of a $4.6-million stock portfolio.
    Los Angeles Times, February 27, 2001

But Harvey’s hypocrisy became even brasher.

  • “I think anybody who ripped off the state ought to be investigated,” said Harvey Rosenfield, head of the consumer group Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.
    -San Francisco Chronicle, July 16, 2001

Oh, and by the way, the Los Angeles Times, reports in the same article Harvey was paid $100k a year by CEF.  So quite literally he was pocketing cash from “energy pirates” to pay for his comfortable beachside lifestyle.

For example, according to CEF’s filings with California Attorney General, CEF bought and sold $69,000 of AES shares in a matter of hours, turned a profit of $2500 in two days in a $54,000 investment in Duke, and made $3,000 in two months investing $32,000 in Enron.

Now who wouldn’t agree that’s just repulsive?


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