In Case You Missed It: Armstrong and Getty Take On Unreasonable Bill

Today Sacramento’s “Armstrong and Getty” took on a bill that will devastate the state’s economic recovery. AB 1627, authored by Roger Dickinson, prohibits cities and counties from issuing a building permit unless the CA Energy Commission determines the new building or new home will significantly reduce vehicle miles by the people who might make new purchases at retail businesses or who might travel to-and-from their homes.
This is a bad bill for a number of reasons:

• It prohibits local governments from issuing a building permit for a commercial or residential building unless they can prove the new building will reduce the vehicle miles traveled

• It gives the California Energy Commission land use planning authority over local cities and counties. The CED has no expertise or authority in this area.

• It layers on multi-agency requirements before building can start, delaying projects and adding to project start-up costs.

This bill is yet another example of the command-and-control, top-down, overregulation that continues to stymie new job creation in California. It is unnecessary and undermines more reasonable efforts by Senator Steinberg to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California.
Don’t take our word for it, listen to Armstrong and Getty take this measure on here:

(Clip begins at 2:10)
“It’s a nightmare of overregulation. A poster child of what is choking California’s economy.”
“If you open a yogurt shop – you have to get enough business to pay rent, staff, insurance etc., and now I have to be concerned about where the people came from who purchased my yogurt.”
“…I’d have to give a crap about a customer walking in the door and how far they drove to get there?”
“This legislation imposes standards – don’t want to persuade, educate they want to dictate your choices.”
(Armstrong and Getty, 8am hour, 3/19/12)


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